Healthy Hindustan

What does Healthy Hindustan mean? Does that mean fit India physically and mentally? If defined Healthy Hindustan, I could say, “ healthy which means in a good physical & mental condition of Hindustan I.e. the Indian subcontinent in general.” Hence it means a nation which has a good physical and mental conditions. Is India really healthy? Do you think so healthy also means mentally healthy and not only physically so if asked India has grown rapidly in Gdp and other economic sectors. But if speaking about the thinking it’s just the same as it was in may be a decade ago!

India is a politically well developed country and it is developed so well that we do not even need a topic for debate and then politics enters into every possible field may it be reservation or scholarships.If I go to a doctor for a random checkup and he says, “You are totally fine you just have some minor intestinal problems, and your blood pressure is not stable, your teeth has a cavity which may require a root canal and otherwise everything is perfectly fine!”Can you behave normally after listening to these many problems during a random checkup? Similar is the case of the country. Everything starts from ignoring small things which results into a big thing. Not talking about the big issues of corruption or rape but genuinely speaking about a small topic Army- because of the Army we are able to sleep at night and enjoy our day and they sacrifice their life for us leaving their whole family do we even react to it? Speaking about another issue may be acid attack not a big issue happens rarely. But why even rarely why not never! Those women or girls are acid attack victims do the society even support them they may find one or the other reason to blame the victims.

Considering a child if we say the child has a good physic but is mentally weak or vice-versa we need both of the things simultaneously. Not everything can be changed but at least something can be changed, something is better than nothing. If talking about other crime rate it would be a huge topic to talk upon.

India is healthy in following cultures and other ethical and moral values. Rather than thinking about the future basically we need to think about the present. Hence India being a developing country it is at a teen stage it will need time and practice more and more in order to be called fit and a fine nation.

If talking about Healthy India government of India has taken many initiatives like National Health Mission, Jago Graham Jago campaign. This initiative would be successful if we as a responsible citizen take steps to follow the footprints designed by the government. Thus healthy India should be a mission as a whole for the whole country for an overall development.

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